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reddened and infiltrated from head to foot. There is a dusky tint
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by digging up the bodies of those who had died of the epidemic
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and applause.) I say that that is a form of quackery certainly
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of ether, the tumour cut into, and if found to possess the character of a ma-
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said than done. Industrial poisoning is not readily de-
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the writers of papers this year will prove exceptions to the above rule
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ordination, the latter partly of cerebellar origin. Deafness may be an
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* We differentiate, with Sauvage, a febris duplicata or triplicata from a febris
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through which no volitional efforts could be made to pass. As a rule, how-
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it may be of the nocturnal asthmatic type already described. There
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the blood, and no solid fibrin or lymph is apparent. Again, while inflam-
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ties constantly arising in the minds of every thoughtful and
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external recti may be paralysed from pressure on the two sixth nerves as they
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Association ; he was also a member of Mount Moriah Lodge of
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with an established practice. No investment required.
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two years past there had been amenorrhea. On a specular and digital
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The New York Pathological Society is one of the best
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THE Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society; Dr. Graily
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Our own American profession well can leam the lesson ... It is but little more important to maintain
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bird nor beast is seen where this plant grows, the vulture only except-
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1726. This disease has been looked upon by many as conta-
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medical colleges. Ohio and Missouri are States which
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and was only seen at the time of micturition, a clear proof that
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burns of the eye. Railway Surg;., Chicago, 1899-1900, vi,
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Dr. R. A. Bate: I would like to say that I believe rheumatism to be
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incision was made at once, upon the needle as a guide, and a
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urine. The imbibition of great quantities of water may diminish