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wound, yet after a variable number of months or years, experience symp-

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exudate is present When this drug is applied to the eye, the

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fashion, and dainties, should be prohibited. The utmost care is neces-

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Health. Physicians are urged to continue to partici-

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Then to again open his bladder above the pubes, and to remove

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interfering with the normal reparative process; but I

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ing of sugar, butter, gruel, &c. The mother states that the

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April 1897. 4. HIROH. Journ. Nerv. and Ment. Dis. 1898, p. 538. 5. HIRSCHBERG.

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Died at Edinburgh, on the 27th of October last, Dr. James Hamiltoa

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original thought and observation in young physicians. The distinction of

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(seven grains) twice a day. The fourth day from the second attack

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growth should be stopped and cause no further harm to

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sometimes neeessMPV. Fixed delusions, eitlier of the sense-* or ide:i>. lur-

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grove Workhouse Infirmary. Small-pox has made its ap-

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by certain strange physiological facts, as the following,

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some years ago, and the other tumor I saw removed by Mr.

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tient's throat to arrest the haimorrhage." Dr. Oasselberry

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ture and nature are different, and their affections vary, as it may

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8 that lymph remains to be absorbed, and it need occasion uo

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had a colleague of about their own age with whom they

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the pericardial fluid, and occasional engorgement and enlargement of

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vessels are dilated ; the skin is thickened and lumpy, and

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down, we think it would be advisable that a committee of

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heard. In fact, he believed that no conscientious medical man could

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procured great relief by making a permanent vesico-vaginal fistula.