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cancer, nothing more. In the present state of our knowledge, then, I

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looked for, partial deafness, even of a considerable degree, is

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Lancet, -\\y i6th, 1870 — "The Second Edition of this work shows

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medical training and instruction were pre-requisities.

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to field sports, and, while thus engaged, would occasionally remain for

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Bright's case * was that of a woman admitted into Guy's in

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function be restored ; at first the motion should be pas-

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the abdomen, without and within, without wetting the

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tinued and citric acid given in its place, and the warm

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on the other hand, the gonococcus is larger, possibly because its

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organism on its own nitrogenous tissues. Numerous observa-

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accustomed to write it is possible that writing (though at lirst of a para-

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may be regarded as having been instrumental in prodncmg

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H. delagei Laveran and Mesnil, 1902. In two skates, Raja

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this deposit and renders the urine clear. November 23d, morning, pulse 102; temperaturv

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10 to 13 mm. in length by 1 mm. in breadth. Both sexes are

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Bulkley has informed me that, while resident in the hospital,

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fulfilled, it is only in exceptional cases that any approach to

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cavity of the mosquito. They are then taken up by the blood of the

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that it is essential to the propagation of the contagion.

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Freiherrn. Die Suggestions - Therapie bei \/crankhaften Erscheinungen des Ge-

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events in the history of the race. At one end of the museum,

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The uterus when freed was suspended to the abdominal wall,

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blood may be increased by diminution of the latter. This obtains, in a