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The writer draws attention to the fact that apart from some French
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pathology of fever consists," says Gregory, "in showing in what manner
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and by the slight change of the cervix compared with the amount
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lie close to the place of meeting, so that any meeting at
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1001 ; A. A. Surgeon Joseph C. Garllngton, March 13, 1901 ; Roger
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dimensions for three of its diameters : three-eighths of
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ulcer ceases to spread, infiltration becomes less and disappears, and hypo-
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nitrogen equilibrium in these long periods lends sup])ort to our
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Case V. — The patient is a laborer, thirty-five years old, who
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laborers ; tendering lo ihe common stock the fruits of our little experi-
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specific virus is localized to the seat of invasion, and its toxic effects
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when it does come forth, has usually for a long time an unnatural
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trizing the intestines of a dog, by having one electrode in the rectum
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in collecting only twelve cases where this accident had occurred,
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of the pulmonary alveoli, since careful pathological studies have been
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water supplies are drawn. It is, therefore, possible to inspect and
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munized children of the same age. The illnesses that were
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rhinoscopy in cases of " post-nasal catarrh " when they first come under
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put the turnips in, give them a toss or two, add a little chopped
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qualify their opinion by introducing tVv^ uo^xoxi ^A ^'t^
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powders and lukewarm baths, and followed these by a cold
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name of typhoid pneumonia. To account for this typhoid type
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fluoroscoped and 103 were classified as surgical and were operated