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variety of work in the factory to place them anywhere at all.
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the cause of certain cases of gangrene. These researches were
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changes, especially on the right side at the level of the second, third and
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gradually increasing pressure. All hurried movements annoy the pa-
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reported to the Sanitary Bureau, Health Department,
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Bacillus Typhi Murium. Synonym. — Bacillus of mouse typhoid.
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tem of computation, near enough the truth to be useful in practical work. The
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with the 1 2th dilution of pulsatilla. Of these cases Dr. Dudgeon
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might be overcome when mohair or wliite wool is being dealt with.
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Jan. 19 til. — In same condition. Applied cups to back of neck,
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East Side of New York are often called in by the mo-
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hope to apply a remedy. In the special subject we are discussing
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In my second case, more from the striking similarity in
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liter. What is the significance of these figures? No-
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M.vcpUERSON — Thomson.— On March 25, at 17, Alva-stieet, Edinliurgh,
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specimen also were giant-cells apparently of the same
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Diuretic medicines also enjoy a high reputation for curing
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Habby with a noticeable atrophy on the right side, and the
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thue where vaccination is properly done ; and there
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turies. One very important, some indeed are inclined to consider
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list of anthelmintics. Even our books have the same
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medicine, and in the same year he was elected a member of the Acadtmie de
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new labor cases were taken into the gyniiicic wards ; but
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ej acquired a fair amount of experience with it, an
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some cases difficulty of articulation comes on ; the patient is slow, yet
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Such reaction varies greatly, and if it is bad, a benign disease may
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Some Experiences with the Schleich Mixture. — P. Ilyin (Klin,