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The coffje was continued and an injection containing morphia
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determinable, would be those indicated by the tuberculous affection of the
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with its relations. The unfolding of gynecology has in
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until a salivation was obtained, which was essential to the cure;
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up, in the most exquisite cases, of the following particulars: A
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rather of less resonance than of positive dulness. The fact is,
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James Hagan. Hgn. Aged 21. Sang, lymph. 6 months. Liquor.
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passage into the blood, and in this sense the oxidation of
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All grades above that of Assistant Surgeon receive longevity
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subject. With such an understanding of the purpose of the work
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On the other hand, they all differ in the length and rapidity
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and are very rapid in their course. These characters they pro-
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logical examination does not seem to have been made, and the atten-
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the progress of many forms of disease, as transient and incidental con-
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and irritated."' Larrey seems to have had the same idea, for he says, "In
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One of the most important chapters in the book relates to the action of
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deformity after he had exposed the lesions of the bony parts
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operation needs to be made as short as possible, that the intestines may not be
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On the question as to the fertility of whole marriages in a
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