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Chapter III — Qualifications and Duties of Military Surgeons. In
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been discussed. As these lectures are entirely original, they make up a contri-
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Endocrine: Controlled studies in animals and man have shown no
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Our own American profession well can leam the lesson ... It is but little more important to maintain
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views originally held. We should not, however, emphasize the
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acteristic. If there is general involvement with flexion of the spine the upper
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winter. Light-blue trench coats may be w^orn in suitable
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decoction of linseed 2 quarts ; for 2 doses. — Moiroud.
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common sites of infection for bacterial invasion — more especially the gastro-
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omy, Physiology, and other collateral branches of Medicine ; Dental and Obstetrical In-
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orrhages in typhoid fever ; and the real place of massage
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another with a charged bayonet, and strike him for-
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" The fountain that would seem to promise most in these
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f Clark ("Med. Gaz.," 1880) believes life to have been saved in an
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throtome. After the operation, the patient persist-
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more than twenty centuries. Indeed, it is only within
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of the pectoralis major muscle, not too deeply, the forearm of
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scopic study of stress erosions and ulcers in critically ill neuro-
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clearly apparent, manure being used in bleaching the plants, and gardeners
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medicine, much would be done to insure his possessing the
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with first sound ; normal second sound very distinct. No venous dis-
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be a distinct disorder, and the question whether the
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But physiologists have found that even after destruction of the lumbar
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shortest was eleven feet. The highest variation was twenty-
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of the bed) of five degrees below the patient's temijera-