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ulative part, and if there are any differences between an American or
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hensible than a method which discourages its use, and the
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autopsies showed the animals emaciated ; the bellies
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d'ii,--i- \M-H' .dl -.1 r.ipidU t,il,il til, 11 Id.'.-.l I iiluii.- . ,.iild n.,i lu- perl, n nn-d
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could not help but tell disastrously upon their alma mater.
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The hairy scalp is the principal seat of this affection,
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pat-fnts suffering from umbilical hernia are usually obese,
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parasite is necessary to the practitioner in that part of the tropics.
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to the prevention and control of infection in superficial wounds. By
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by the observer. Until the limbs can be passively moved freely in
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half -pay. On the expiration of his first six months, the niili-
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she continued to get around in the room by the aid of assistants, chairs,
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lary substances of the cerebrum and cerebellum, and the structures of the pons varolii, the
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London: J. & A. Churchill. 1920. (7s. 6d. net.)
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All meats, eggs and butter, and jellies are allowable. Gluten
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prolongs the disease. Of course I am now speaking of a true pneu-
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4. The recognition of transient soujids. — Often in cases of
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pare the feeding value of corn meal and shorts in combination with
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coexistence of tul)erculous disease is to be taken into account in making
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disloration of tin- lu-ail of the humerus due lo deltoid paralysis aud tlie abiioniial abduction of the
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BiOQgh the skin and muscles down to the peritoneum without opening
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at first, increasing in intensity in proportion as the uterine contraction becomes
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always been exempt from cholera, with very rare exceptions.
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