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pear that rare monkeys are highly refractory to infection, and it

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rental affection. To be told at birth that one’s child

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5. Ostrow, -J. D., and Resnick, R. H.: Hyperchlorhydria,

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has planned a system of control for all branches of the dispensary,

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diphthongs ought to do so in every case, and this Stedman's has done.

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Vascular Suture and Some Considerations Regarding Its

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kidneys for the same period of time. In the following series it

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effected by others after his death. Loder vs. Whelpley, 11 1 N.

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the William Pepper Laboratory of Clinical Medicine in the University

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pear to be of importance: first, the elimination of suspended

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Physical Examination : The general physical examination shows a

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Between Physician and Patients" (to appear in full later). The discus-

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the results of legislation which demands medical service. The

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Greece, and Rome? Are symptoms appearing among us similar

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periods and the deaths which may result from the cases infected

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are practicing and how these practice locations relate to the

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November 1 at the age of 73. Dr. Goodman graduated in

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ous county societies are charged with the duty of carry-

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the same time paralyze the sympathetic vasoconstrictor endings,

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ture, or bodily injury, infirmity or disease. And if you find

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— In children the blood culture is extremely valuable in

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