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1910, Vol. LV, pp. 1-3; "Nodular Tuberculosis of the Hypoderm,"

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church in 1856. served the church at Flushing, Long Island, 1856-

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test is simply on behalf of liberty of personal action. Grant

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evincing all the signs of severe illness and anguish from abdomi-

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from the omnibus, or possibly by sudden exposure to the elec-

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her arms and hands, but who was instantly cured by fear of a

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John's Church, Los Angeles. He is also a member of the

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a few drops of scalding urine. I at once thought of pareira

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U ARM ON ALBERT VEDDER, A.B., M.D., is a general practi-

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1893, in which journal appeared, in 1889, a " History of

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takes place very rapidly, acute cerebral anaemia often occurs,

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Perhaps I should have continued with the high potencies ; but,

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great-grandson of John Thomas Schley, who emigrated from Germany

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three months as Medical Externe ; three months as Surgi-

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The " alkaline treatment " was superseded by the salicylates, and

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In 1849 he received the degree of LL.D. from the regents of the

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When I first saw the patient, I inclined to think I was dealing

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Buffalo ; was president of the Church Charity Foundation and of the

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born in Minneapolis, Minn., March 14, 1861, son of Wil-

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was appointed to the same position in the Detroit College

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sufficient basis a pathological hypothesis may be constructed.

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how the seeming prejudice against it ever arose. Any one who has noticed

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any thing whatever. He somehow managed to get home, and

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ican Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists ; American Sur-