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planted in that celebrated University a favourable feeling
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cause, for it was above the reach of the pollution ;
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a Brodie, and an Astley Cooper, and, as he (.\rchdeacon
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vomiting pass away. Take also very small injections
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rhage, and its results are far less detrimental to the
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probably prove of great advantage in cases of short
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escaped into the peritoneal cavity. Extensive ulcer-
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shows also that a bullet, passing through both sides
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bites of flies, as two spots were observed in the arm in
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actual criterion of the imminence or degree of danger. Thus a small,
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general healthy condition of the body, is the circum-
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or fibrous appearance ; but on closer examination it
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in the body elsewhere, but sometimes in latent form. The process of
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" Osborne, July 21 . Her Majesty visited the Eoy al
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relative, the disease is traceable once ia six times ;
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By this, the Lancet leaves the impressiou that both
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position, that struggling functions might be free to
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red-hot tube, and though the infusion be thoroughly
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less frequent than pleurisy. But hemorrhagic pericarditis from
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nett rests upon it the proof that even small bleeding
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carditis with embolism of the arteries of the left leg.
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