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Sodium succinate has been employed in many cases of catar-
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the median line or the right costal border would have been drawn
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good results. It is indicated in gastric irritability, relieving the
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tem. Sometimes, indeed, we may measure the wrong of in-
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The symptoms of poisoning by apomorphine are violent vom-
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dice we must weigh the evidence and compare it with our past
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Late Dean and Professor of Materia Medica and Ther-
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Indications. — Indigestion, accompanied by flatulence and
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stable being wet, wading around in filthy barnyards. Also
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Sanitarians who have had a long experience know full well that it
Dr. Boehme goes on to say that in pneumonia simulating appendi-
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the deadly privilege of infecting the general system, and of
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there still remained in that city many noble advocates of the
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that there has been a re-accumulation of serum, yet this passes
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III. Advancement and Improvements in Surgery and Surgical Opera-
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pearance of the nose, mouth and eyes, desire to drink
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which is corrective in many cases of menstrual irregularity
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grape-cure is also efficacious in abdominal and hepatic
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is superior to any preparation for this purpose on the
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