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g;isstlT to increase the secretion of urine. (P. Gamier, ArekioeBGcnirale*,
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I determined never to depend on the stomach-pump, in any case where
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In the first definitive experiment, mice were acclimatized at 2° C
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not how better to explain this curious fact than by supposing that each
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Lthe hot-air bath, see page tO, in the Grst part of this work.
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indoetion machine or galvanic battery. A mild current should be used at first, to
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haa been advanced in support of the idea of antagonism; but the fact is
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astringent virtues, in a conceni rated state, without their bitternesK.
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dual immersion of the body in the fluid. In cases where we
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coexists either amenorrhoea, or a chronic bronchial inflammation, with
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is what is needed for the recommencement of the vital movements. Air
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which cannot be mistaken, the necessity of emptying them.
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One of the most curious effects of this medicine, and of other Sol an a*
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tice could do only harm. Indeed, the bitter tinctures generally reqnirt
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In the first place, it has been often noticed that the system becomes
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are often presented in the convalescence from actUe diaeaees, particu-
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great advantage over the more diffusible stimulants, such as alcohol in
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impoitance in the condition now under consideration, and perhaps, on the
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chonne, yielded speedily to eleeiro-cutaneoits exciiaiion applied to the
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cheerful morning face and in hilarious spirits — two
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TuERAPSUTic Application. From the variety and importance of its
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a thenpeatic point of view. Indeed, Ibis idea should be carried out in
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animals, and the wings of the birds, are harder and sinewer
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is eomolimcs also evinced even by the common medicinal doses.
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dno, which seems therefore to sustain its action for a long period* thoagb
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obvious explanation is, that the susceptibilities of the parts are such that
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fresh water of the same temperature, and exhibit the vital re-action stronger,
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other of the two great pervading systems or apparatuses of the body,
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cold and moist is then present. This change produces a con-
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the stomach entirely rejects it. With a view to its local eflect, it has
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AttcaiiM baa rrnntly bees called by Sir J. T. Sam^sfm, of Edia-
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■ in which ihe heat is felt at first rather disagreeably, and in which ti
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organ directly- But have Ave not the darkened chamber, in
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found it to fail in many. (Am. Journ, of Med. Set, ii. 336, a.d. 1821.) j
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flatulent pains, and cover the taste or correct the action of other medi-
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ure, and containing five vohmies of the gas for one of water, wag
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have seen it, in small irregular pieces, either quilled or flat, from one to
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quinia, it would seem to l>e applicable generally to diseases of over-
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ment on the unhappy incurables — on the cancerous,
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The Dutch, notwithstanding the badness of their climate, are
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* Soemmering-, with his usual correctness and elegance, says, " ab eo