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Sir Waxtbb Foster thought the report contained much
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his' tables, the patient being over 45, so that the share in the
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just and impolitic to leave the burden of poverty on their
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psychosensory from abnormal sensations referred to the
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Meanwhile, in the early stages, careful inspection may show that some
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of septicemia. One patient, an elderly lady, had become greatly re-
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women are peculiarly liable both to ulcer and to hyperchlorhydria.
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cluding the possibility of otherlatent tuberculous mischief by
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is his subsequent course that in time he becomes styled an opium fiend,
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meet such cases the punishment would need to be more
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characteristic, physiologic symptoms of opium, such as contracted
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terial infections. The first thing to note is that these animal parasites
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Heart Disease in Childhood and its Treatment, to be opened
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!»iOTT, F. W., M D. On the Sensory Function of the Rolandic Area of the
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fingers. The second phalanges cannot be flexed on the first; the distal
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then, for the use of the sphygmograph to determine the presence or
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cal charge o£ the Cantonment General Hospital at Dhurmsala, from
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1. Glasgow, No. 3,— Rigulations as to application of Parliamentary
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tlie conditions of whicli render it imppsaible for the patients
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they have been removed) can be revived, at least for a time,
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tual independence in his pupils, and was never better pleased
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the red spots being tense and painful, espedally when expK)sed to the
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thirst after abdominal operations. Essentially the point
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clear micturition, or of a single evacuation of rosy coloured
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a trivial disorder, and, in my expenence, has occurred mostly in hys-
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propose to burden the present paper. I will here merely
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M D., 1st (.Brecknockshire^ Volunteer Battalion the South Wales Bor-
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susceptibility is limited to only certain articles of food, which for them
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feels dyspeptic, and not imcommonly much depressed in spirits, and
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contraction of the pelvis to osteomalacia, which is enor-
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^ The Pathr.iofjii o*" Bronchial Affections and Pneumonia, LoikJou. IKmi.