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around the entire circumference of the pylorus. There is a free margin of
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"'' -!ii'"i uii.esis is -lurin-. it is n,,t likely th;il any i.T the ^',.
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He lay in bed half propped up, his leg and right hand
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other purposes as a detection clinic which will be given
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gram (2.2 pounds) of water 1 degree Centigrade, or about 4 pounds of water 1 degree
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FOR SALE: Office equipment of the late A. L. Cambre,
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valves. By an arrangement with an air-pressure apparatus connected
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After he has seen a large number of autopsies, he is able to recognize
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22. Babbs, V. : Compt. rend. Soc. de biol.. Par., 1908, LXIV, 761.
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2. With the Sexual Organs. That the ))ituitary srland lias mudi 1o do
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which the Central West can well afford to sell at any price and the
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fancy that there has been little emphasis on continuing its use after
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carefully Inspected according to law and is considered fit for food. Exceptions to these
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ments, but we believe that the toxicity of a-amino-acids towards grow-
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enahle the sursreoii to locate exactly the jHisition of the irritatiiij: hody.
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House on Sunday, June 20, at 10:00 a. m. The expressed
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other equine estrogens ... estradiol, equilin, equilenin, hippulin...
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'■'SliiTiiimtiMi, <". S. : Nuiiiiiiiii.- |>ii|ii'is III! iciipripi-iil iiinrivatiipii ol' iuitii;;i>ni»tic
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Country Lard. — Must be made in the country In an open kettle; can be called "Coun-
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the nerve reflexes with which they are ..oncerned are of a higher order
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l„,i,„ |,,.,vc Imti, liiii.l.' I.v Miiiiii I'i-""1< "-"'I'' '" ^^''i'''' '' ''''^ '"'".'"
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125, dated June 27, 1904, and all amendments thereto, except the portions of the last-
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The clinical picture as described at 5 months of age was as follows :
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vive for many weeks in a dried condition. During wet weather and
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paraging the quality of our meats. It was said that there were but
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or otherwise in the custody of customs or other officers of the United States at the date
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hand often are involved. Roentgen-rays at best give
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given that the infectious disease known as splenetic, southern, or Texas fever is not now
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been found that puppies, from which the spleen has been removed^
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before removing and wrap in the gauze immediately, without wash-