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shaped nucleus near their centre, than the whole question is

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has employed this treatment especially in cases of the most severe

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This being I us to candidly inquire, to carefully investigate,

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the case that is benefited by a mechanical support and the case

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that theory is plain and simple, when once known scientifically, and tho results arc

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a of virtue and religion, and every means taken to restrain

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servable in the immediate offspring of such unions. On the other hand, there are

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luire, can an cated by force of will when it is acted upon and

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sema; the heart is not enlarged. The aortic second sound is

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habit of concealing their sores either from intention or neglect, that

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amination about a year later demonstrated the visceroptosis

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earlier period^ as Dr. Anderson (the principal medical officer) recom-

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their birth, nourishing them in foetal life with her own blood, and supporting them

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servation occasional rhonci were heard, and at this time it was

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by Gratiolet and Leven, related to the French Academy, on rotations on

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motion, unless strapped down to the bc^y; when relieved, the movement

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that when aU the activity of the disease has subsided, much may

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little progress since Eranz Kilian's time ; but ganglia have been dis-

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of Guadaloupe^ also became infected* The origin of the disease has

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pounds, making a total of thirty pounds I The mother and one child died: thi

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tion or intoxication, are highly susceptible to functional over-

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the gutters, there dried, and then left to be raised by the feet of men and the

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surcharged with a certain quantity of this substance; that by

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p. 422), it was said that out of thirty-seven cases, 15 or 40-^ per

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that year it seems to have appeared at New York, as well as at Quebec and

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this class of people I would not be understood as saying that at this ago per-

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poisoning. He says, — '' If a man who has a blue line on the

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In the active cases the first indication is to remove any

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chiue pre-eminently adapted to accomplish important ends, and not to fail, except

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great sacrifices that England gains the prize of being, in an iDdustrial

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spinal nerves. These cases must be very interesting to M.

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or greatly enfeebled persons; it should not be done in patients

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hands. You had much better waste a few articles of food, than to eat them and then