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quality, the well-known cracked pot sound or bruit de pot feU. It is

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the seventh to eleventh ribs, the anterior surface by the fifth to

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pleasant fumes evolved, but some departments are much more dangerous to

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dorsal or right-side decubitus, very rarely jaundice or splenic enlargement.

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when there is thirst and the drinking and secretion of large quantities

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technique, rai)id, skilful technique, surgical judgment, resource-

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infection may follow on a non-specific inflammation.

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tity of blood is not usually large, although exceptionally the bleeding has

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tuberculosis there is, as a rule, more marked constitutional disturbance.

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febrile diseases, such as tropical malarial fevers, typhus fever, and the

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thority than his for their fo doing. The Gafcon and Norman

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to large cattle, in the fame manner as it is given to

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Six hours a day for a week will be devoted to instruction.

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Cases of chronic nephritis with good efficiency should be tested

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When we remember that the stomach and colon are in front of these

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marrow, is confined to the vessels, there is to be found another pigment —

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the epithelium cloudy, granular, or fatty and detached. The bladder is

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Goats are turned out to feed very early in the morn-

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albuminuria persisted, although perhaps diminished in amount, and the

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Brompton Hospital, while during the same period the males affected with

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tention : but it has of late loft much of it's reputati-

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with in general practice, is the occurrence of an occipito-posterior position

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very suitable for this purpose. When the cough is accompanied by tick-

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an indirect one due to decreased consumption of food '""'^

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When this occurs, it is generally in connection with laryngeal tubercle.

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or to diminished air movement, or a combination of these factors. One

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cancer and syphilis. As regards the sore of tertiary syphilis, this is more

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nerves may be the starting-point of the affection. In rare cases, apparently

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125 times the normal volume. It is evident that even this degree of

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sometimes with giant cells and sometimes caseous and degenerate.

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clusive. That for the pineal gland almost equally so in the higher

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slowly raised from the sides until they are horizontal, the patient slowly

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joints. Sometimes there is a subsequent neuritis of the sciatic

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is opened, and then an incision is made from it into the bowel ; (3) the

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nothing more than a long feather, or a kind of fur-

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of the various food-stuffs constituting his diet. In an institu-

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tinues always foft ; whereas fuet hardens as it grows

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are the simple waters classified in the first group. In cases of sluggish

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Juvenile form. — While the diagnosis in cases just descrihed cannot be

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tonitis at the seat of the disease, owing to the damage inflicted upon the