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stimulation of the cord below the medulla is followed by
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presence in the urine is to be explained by some deterioration
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unfortunately it is not employed in the case of the other
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lent of complementoids, are described by Bordet and Ehrlich and Sachs.
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palladium — are apparently capable of influencing the -hemical reactions of
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sufferers to be declined as not having a normal viability.
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hemorrhage and modifies the subsequent course. Hence the great import-
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also disinfectants, are of service in destroying noxious
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does not occur after thirty-two hours. On blood agar viability is lost, after
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The last class is not included within the scope of this
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Guiteras^ has recently called attention to some valuable aids in the
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tion to alter the history of the onset. In this respect this form of meningitis
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is desirable that the most harmonious relations exist between
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curred in a series of recent years, he drew a conclusion that
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complications it would not be wise to give digitalis or squill. These measures
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all of these died at forty-six or under. Six died from heart
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Contagion. — ^The question of the communicability of the disease has
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ments with plants, of the principle of developed inheritance at
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When an agent works hard and honestly and succeeds,
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crease in pulse or respiration rate, and any sudden change in temperature,
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and every case of diphtheria. The statements regarding immuni^zation
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days, usually before the fifth day. Pneumonic type is fatal in from two to
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acceptance of albuminuriacs otherwise apparently healthy,
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produced over 8,000 recognized cases and caused more than 900 deaths.
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