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the questions arise: Is this a temporary phenomenon; is the
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Dr. Bansome^ in this paper^ a reprint from the 'British
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every organ of the body may suffer from cancer, if there has been a bruise of the
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orifice into which the alimentary substances^ wheUter solid or fhiH
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who, being nine years old, had had from infancy constant rotatory
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Six times by phthisis balbi of traumatic origin. Direct injory to
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instances it is often distinctly indicated to nourish the patient
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is excellent, but the procedure is more clumsy than that of
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tial cause of the disease is the consumption of maize which has
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the air which is taken into the lungs filtered from a large amount of dust by its pas-
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intermeiit of the dead in the boundaries of populous towns. Within a few minutes'
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or followed immediately after it, or else rheumatic fever succeeded
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the occasional birth or spontaneous expulsion of the intra-
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gs, from the like causes, may be seen in the animal kingdom. Cows
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the ideational cell ; and the ideational cell in turn effects its complete
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of the second attack chorea set in. Pericarditis came on, and he
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The second series of observations is derived from Dr. Sigmund's
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that often leads to positive insanity, and powerfully disposes to consumption) ; and
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the first operation the operations have made no impression at
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a distinct station. The useful outline maps affixed to the account of each station