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is at times congenital. Both kidneys, more rarely one, are composed of

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Pain and swelling are always associated in gouty inflammation,

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two they dry in the center and a brown, umbilicated scab or crust is

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There was already some distortion of both hands conforming to

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in number, of whom five had attended the first session

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tophi in the body of the helix and at the other points of election

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and see him eveiy day, for diabetics are very p)rone to suffer from

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has shown that such is not the case, and that under the salicyl treat-

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The two principal factors in the production of this disease are

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It may be remarked that the canning of fruit is simply a process to

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inflammation of the outlet of one of the glands. When pas has

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ing of this serum forms crusts, which cause sometimes an unsightly

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would appear in the urine greatly in excess of the urea. Anj' one Avho

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disturbance no cause appears. The patient loses flesh and strength,

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to the synovial membrane ; in the heart from the fibrous rings and

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of children, is a good illustration of the frequent combination of causes

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jacent fibrous texture. " If a valve with these nodules be cut for the

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the neck and covered with flannel to keep in the heat are beneficial.

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skin does not perspire profusely as in acute rheumatism. The urine

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descending colon and the rectum are affected, the discharges are

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lent remedy. The bath should be warm, 95 degrees or more, and

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which are voided with the mine are derived: (a) from the nitroge-

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Forster : Ueber den Ort des Fettumsatzes im Thier. Zeitschrift fur Biologie,

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till over-stimulation leads to exhaustion; the struggle is too much for

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If a more soothing application is needed use the following :

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Besides the general management of chronic gout that has been

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Thus is removed the last safeguard, heat-production goes on apace,

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All fatigue should be counteracted by rest or sleep and not by

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trophic nerves is undoubted. And it is quite conceivable that stimu-

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The best possible results are obtained by a carefully restricted diet,

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warranted so decided a statement, the evidence which has accumu-

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requirements embraced in th*e studies of each year.

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3. The third form of enlargement is due to the accumulation of

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one one-hundredth of a grain, one of which is an adult dose. For a

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minuria is due to congestion alone, it soon disappears again when the

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The broad ligaments are composed of folds of the peritoneum.

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Among medicines the granular effervescent citrate of magnesia is a

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sations are experienced over the surface of the body, or creeping down

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cupying the central part of the grounds, in which are

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and if properly prepared for sleep, and it still frets, it is probably

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