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an instrument, either continually or with occasional intervals,

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repeated every two or three hours unless disturbance of vision be pro-

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its curative effect on the bronchitis ; it is, however, useful in some cases

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the bloodvessels are empty, but if these contain blood it is rendered dark

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could hare passed through them, and yet his circulation and

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induration from the presence of lymph, ulceration, thickening, etc. These

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change, or does it depend on a process pertaining to the part in which the

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13'tic. The grounds for this hypothesis are the inappreciable amount of

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. Menorrhagia, Leucorrhea, Amenorrhea, Impaired Vitality,

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present knowledge, is, that they generally appear to act by impairing the

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In variola, owing to the cutaneous inflammation, the quantity is generally

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sequence of the relative infrequency of idiopathic peritonitis, the proba-

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appointment and appliance for the treatment of this class of

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tervals during the day, and followed at bedtime by a full dose of

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The blood, of course, loses what is transuded into the alimentary canal.

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nar}^ disease, usually affects, at least, an entire lobe ; and this extension

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all looked unlike the approach of meningitis ; — and when, in

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in successive layers, and that it was probably hardened faecal

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the indigestibility of the latter, perliaps, showing an idiosyncrasy of the

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pain and tenderness, with perhaps more or less febrile movement. These

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sorted to, it is apt to fail after a time ; the rectum becoming accustomed, as

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they prevailed to a considerable extent, and were the cause of a

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are depressed ; but sometimes this is not the case, and they may even pro-

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speak with a sustained expiration, the speech being interrupted at short