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remed}', it appears to be useful in certain cases. In a case of paraplegia,

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phenomena. A fatal result ma}' take place without any superadded dis-

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morning, I found he had expired about 3 o'clock. There was

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The Cajal, Levaditi, and Bielschowsky preparations were

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fications or phases of disease. Christison regards the condition as repre-

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priori^ that active congestion would be here of frequent occurrence, taking

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the destruction of the hj'datids. Dr. Murchison has collected the particulars

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\ It is given to very few men to tread in the steps of

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General dropsy and albuminuria are s^-mptomatic of the morbid con-

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this, it is not borne out by facts. For independent of the proofs

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lie exactly in the mesh of the Golgi net, so far as my observations

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may exist as a subacute and chronic affection. These two forms will

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in the process of embedding. In my thionin-eosin preparations

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as it were, are so many stages by which it advances in its pro-

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Several different methods of study have been employed, but

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Typhoid Fever Continued— Causation— Diagnosis— Prognosis. Typhus Fever — Anatomical

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that the ratio of recoveries under a certain plan of treatment may be no

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tions onto a median plane, flat reconstructions of parts of the

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puerperal state and lactation predispose to it. It is observed as a sequel

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acciones a la luz difusa deben ser esencialmente id^nticas con

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potent by pernicious publications or lectures, designed to alarm sensitive

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blood in foetuses devoid of heart, much uncertainty prevails ;

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wax. " In extreme forms, the organs look as if they had been soaked in

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The only thing which, it appears to us, could excuse the in-

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chemical changes in brain growth are fixed within rather close

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no morbid sound heard in it ; but whenever an aneurism is so

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the latest views of the author as expressed in the last

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With a view to prevent diff"usion of the disease, patients should not be

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Bartelmez and others described the neurofibril structure of this

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In the posterior branch of the anterior palatine and. in the

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lar, and grotesque. The lower limbs are thrown forward by forcible jerks,

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amoimt of cell differentiation, complexity of colloidal substratum

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Functional mania may be considered as denoting acute meningitis. The