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$1.50 net. Philadelphia and New York: Lea Brothers ft Co. 1901.
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away some of the mucous membrane of the vagina in f?ont
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destructive distillation tobacco yields also a very poisonous empy-
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may be no mechanical obstruction, there is doubtless an obstruc-
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The uterus presented the appearance common at that time. At the
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Curiously Liebreich has never seen this noxious action on the kidneys,
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munized children of the same age. The illnesses that were
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infected from man. In 1911, he demonstrated the further fact of great
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of these two ways ; but to deny the effect of range of tem-
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as an efficient and valuable addition to our resources.
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septics. Soap and water and careful disinfection of the towels
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ing home care, so important in old age. But there was
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In Tic douloureux, Sciatica, &c. — Dr. Neligan.
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long before, and sentence by sentence committed to writing and learned
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Now there is, probably, not a more salubrious climate in the whole
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his most able and earnest efforts, often drives rela-
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1. If a mans head ache or be sore, let him take the maior - Bot -
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halves again divided, each part being known as a quarter of the
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important ones. Paralysis of the cervical vaso-motor nerve, although
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carpal extensors cannot> without a long stretch of imagination^
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The tumor on the right side was much larger than the one on the
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Habana, 1893-4, xxx. 170-175.— Schinilollta (H.) Oph-
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The author of the best dissertation considered worthy of a prize on either of the
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Erysipelas. — Dr. William B. Coley, of New York, read
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AVebster (D.) & Holtlen (W. A.) A case of sarcoma of
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frequently encumbered with cases such as those we have just witnessed.
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