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nerves engaged : we have the spinal nerves of the left side
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gentleman referred to heated the cauterising iron in
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ing in that respect from the cases of melanotic cancer
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circle at once, it will be necessary to bring it out at least three
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had been before so often missed, and satisfying man-
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tem in the adult, is but too well known to the practical
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l.FCI'URFS will be delivered at the College, Pall Mall
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clenched ; the abdominal muscles tense ; respiration dia-
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From such a closure of the urethra, however, as this, it would
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effect of which is ijrobably like that of sulphide of
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good in effecting a firm and persistent contraction of
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17. Lie. E. CoU. Surg. Irel. Eejected for the second
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upon, than the absolutely negative one derived from
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when to stop; and if our eyebrows were so cut, they
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rode was constantly in the habit of lying down on iS
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The fourth and concluding part of Dr. Schott's volume is
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classifying, under the one general term of puerperal
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l^laced in the hall of the College, with a suitable in-
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completely ii-regular or at more or less regular inter-
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At the same Court, the following jiassed the fii-st
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muco-pvirulent fiuid, which welled up from the divided
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performance of cx-aniotomy meet all the difficulties
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dered camphor mixture and decoct, of polygula, with carb.
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(or whatever else) of the brain or spinal marrow, that
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livei', an escape of pus took place through a i-ent in
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[In support of this request, attention should be drawn
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ment, viz. — as a topical remedy, turpentine stupes were ap-
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on a recruit before he can be made capable of supplying the
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Creed. On January 2Gth, at Greenwich, aged .3, Ada Mary, only
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palliative, with caution, to relieve engorgement of the
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is needed for the sentence which he once more quotes
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" ' That it shall be lawful for any body, in regard
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thing that constitutes good poetry. As he writes he
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that of gastric ulcer." (Here it was very profuse and
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about the centre of the placenta, giving rise to a considerable hgemor-
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for some little time before the ozone was driven into
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over the joints. After the eruption had come freely out,
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two returns ; viz., for the first examination, 17 last