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the induced form of somnambulism the memory can always be
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goal, the attainment of which has been long and earnestly sought, by numer-
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exclusive of opening the abdomen^ that we clinch tliis ojoportunity
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descended at intervals of days, and at distance of miles, down upon
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Eugene R. Kelley. The physician and the public health. — Northwest
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tempt to solve. These methods of reasoning may appear either at
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During the three years in hospital there were several epileptiform
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progressive-regressive changes in vessel walls but no infiltrative
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ies. For summer courses, see announcement, page 112.
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and if a large cannula is used (personally I use an Emmett's ovar-
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the sick room. All the leading apothecaries and grocers sell it
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the anatomy of these labial folds at the meatus and
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vitsch, 154 East Seventy-second street, Xew York City.
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is exasperating ; it is uncomfortable ; it is dangerous ; it is deadly t
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cellular contents. These areas are shown by other methods to
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Mitchell, of Texas, in a recent number of the American Medical Associa-
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In the treatment of summer complaints of infants and children,
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Always containing 50% Purest Norweorian Cod Liver Oil* so treated as to be
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Schrank type we might think the instances were too sporadic to jus-
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of Legitimate Medicine. Its mission, the organization and unifi-
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A. B., Johns Hopkins University, 1914 ; Graduate Student, ibid., 1914-16 ; Lecture
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g). Studies of the various methods of reproduction from
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No physician can afford to be indifterent regarding the accurate filling of his prescription.
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ISTiall Franklin Twigg. Cumberland. 1330 N. Caroline St.
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which even at that time disgraced the pharmacopeias, and he ex-
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quested, she scratches the bed cover. Requested to strike a match,
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lengthened the period to a week between inoculations. The first
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ance of the digestive function; rarely, however, in some form is
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the preparation of the water-colors and drawings. They are
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The absolute purity of Welch's is one of the reasons
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temporary help from drugs but was miserable until June, 1912,
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