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doses to procure relief. Oiled muslin was applied over the praecordia.

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retained so by adhesive straps. Flannel was applied to the leg and foot.

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narrow one. Palpi speckled with white. India, Africa. A^. maculi-

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of resistance that the innate hereditary factor has freer play, and is

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brief walks during the next few days. But one day "when suddenly

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doubt on the point. At any rate, as we / lymphatic glands along the trachea were

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mory ; but I conclude with remarking, that the wide-spreading epidemic

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Every one may know the significance of the deep hollows

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and slight general disturbance ; at other times the fever is high, and

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> At the present date (June, 1886) I cannot find that their completed report baa

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^'iien suffering. From that time, witliin three or four

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at New York, the first quarter of the year yielded more cases than any

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States the Southern States on the Atlantic seaboard (in fact, south

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first began it in order to emphasize the proportions of

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tarian in medicine ; by creed a homoeopathist and yet, I hope a

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when the cerebral centre is formed in animals, is inter-oonnected only, and never oomposea with it on« andividad

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production of cardiac and pulmonary diseases from palpita-

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should be careful in supporting the system by small quantities of wine,

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tuents; causing constipation, impactions, with their attendant

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base with catgut and removed. The appendix was much dis-

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tenacula and which is unprovided with counter-openings

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nade in nearly all cases far exceeds any moral influence

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ments in treatment may be warranted as the only chance of sub-