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in the enemata. The only explanation is that in one instance conditions
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may its repetition, with decided advantage — but this, the pulse
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A deficient supply of pure air to the lungs is not only
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thighs as a rule, and are in great measure due to profuse sweating.
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the meeting. The proceedings terminated by a vote of thanks
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dollars has been a postal card receipt, which must be pre-
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1848 ; on the 25th he was sent from the country, and admitted into
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cornea itself is involved, the yellow oxide of mercury salve in the strength
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For two or three years English medical journals have
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medicine was again developed in Italy which became the source of
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the X)art, so much the sooner will its temperature assimilate itself to
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Renal Cirrhosis. — The most valuable symptoms, from the diagnostic
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end of a week I increase this dose to 1/20 of a grain ; and at the
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under five years of age. At this age I do not think
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minution in electro muscular contractility, and atro
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anaesthesia, this, in some cases at least, being an essential pre-
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effects are sometimes taken for causes ; and in regard to a scrofulous
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positively, that the disease is phthisis, where none of the physi-
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' milk, when given raw in hot weather, causes illness in a much
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company, for they, too, have begun to show symptoms of the disease,
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Previously considered to have an irreparable condi-
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so inactive or so locked up in the tissues that they
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being spontaneously delivered of a six-and-one-half-months' child. The
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like, gruraous mass, which, expressed through filtering