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" Conception takes place, and pregnancy advances, frequently
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cutaneous tissue. They are firm and tense to the touch, painless, and
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the temperature even at the onset will be less than 100°, or even normal.
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reason he said this was because the interne felt disap-
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with only 5 million red cells to the cubic millimetre of blood hail a decided
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occasionally most useful. Where there is a decidedly neuralgic
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these observers appeared to confound the ganglionic cells with dilated blood-vessels ; but
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*Annett, H. E. : Tubercle bacilli in milk, butter, niul inargariue.
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century. If it devolved on the physicians to declare the expediency or
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when contracted during pregnancy. The vaginal mucosa ,
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Taking a curette and scraping away some of the disintegrated tissue,
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to any one interested in its application, but that it escaped
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of general education for those who propose to enter on the
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case not seeming to call for an immediate operation, he was
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lute incursions in various directions into its torrid
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ine version, the womb being slightly movable. She ex-
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much interfered with by the Tiecessity of detailing them, from time to
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ever, explained that he intended to convey that by this
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bladder by microorganisms, often combined with some mechanical injury
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ents. The benches will not all be filled, the graduates will be less numer-
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traindicated, owing to the inflamed condition of the kidney. During
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viz., the difficulty of instituting comparisons between series of cases ap-
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Therapeutics, but was welcomed by the President as of interest
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ToxEemia." ^ In the course of his investigation he examined the tissues
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iness to look after, and, finding it exceedingly in-
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May I. — Patient very weak. Does not seem to suffer
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come crooked and get lodged in the passage, in which case the
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fifty and sixty, is divided into four sections, each one of