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Recent cholera visitations have made us too familiar with the
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tion for Strabismus — Neglected Glaucoma; Iridectomy —
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planation of the phenomenon is simple enough, the contraction
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iodine, and iodides do not effect much improvement on the condition, nor
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United Kingdom and, out of an annual subscription of
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The course of uncomplicated rheumatism is never very rapid, gener-
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rious articles, such as stockings, satinet, &c., have already been made,
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carried over the head and retained there. The patient
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phtliisis. Louis, having questioned a large numlx^r of patients affected
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venience. The intolerable pain complained of at mid-day was in
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If, however, the pulse frequency falls to a very low level, cerebral anemia
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natural death rate in children, from appendicitis, is higher than in
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Wales on Wednesday, held by command of Her Majesty;
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great reverence for either the surgeons or apothecaries of his day,
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known as phlegmasia alba dolens, occurring especially in puerperal cases ;
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seen them. On the whole, I believe they are very rare.
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1 Report of the Poor Law Commission, 1900, Appendix No. xlv. (par.
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enjoyed good health previous to her marriage. Shortly after this epoch,
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being rarely similar to the rigidity of meningitis. In
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is to be looked for. All communications not intended for publication
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operation, but a friend wished her to try my support, Avhich, Avhen
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The blood contains in health certain gases, viz., oxygen, carbonic acid,
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cal law the author can defend the repetition of the customary assertion
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the initial bleeding event and leave them disabled. While
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Gregg Custis, our local director in Washington, Dr. Royal
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My aim in bringing up this subject is to emphasize the necessity of attention
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respiratory movements, increasing in strength and frequency when these are