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overcrowding, with increased facilities for the transmission of lice from

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ble beneath. The stables should be well ventilated, lighted, and drained, and

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surgeon found that the tumor had become moveable. This mobility, however, was

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this theory any explanation of why in some cases the haemoglobinuria

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and has been allowed to continue covered to a great

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that leukocytes are of renal origin (Striimpell). The pus-celb are frequently

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children, the pulse would he very rapid, showing the difficulty

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the matters which have been laid before our readers.

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certain changes which, physiologically, should take place, which are not, how-

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— With the recurrence of hot weather in San Francisco, accord-

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dietary indications are those already outlined. In most

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plished dexterity, and no longer requires my atention.

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thetic to be used in the removal of adenoids. — Dr. P. R.

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the size of a cherry. The tumor was not disturbed, and

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protected t^ainst cold, wind and rain by a siding of window-

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2. States of mental exultation (mania, psyclampsia), (a)

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found entirely free from disease one hundred and ninety

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The school has now been in operation two years, and has, there-

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it is impossible to detect and against which consequently we

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diseases. We should then be able to cite the different duration of

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ported a number of cases where he had been obliged to make a

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