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hended. Hereditary syphilis is cured much more readily when one begins to
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Visiting Physician to the Richmond Hospital, Dublin ;
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ity, which is frequently absent; but by measures which, by
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injecting some of the fluid into the peritoneum of a
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consent of the excellent Dr. Ansebni, it was determined to
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been improved upon, his technique was almost identical with what we have
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followed by the cx[)ulsion of the worm. It seems to act specifically,
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employed in properly selected cases, the result would be excel-
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that the dose for a full-grown person is one drachm (60 grains,
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care, without giving any more definite results than was the case with
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globin, as well as in the specific gravity of the blood and
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imdeavour to find any; but a portion of the skull and hair had been driven