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Epsom salt 1 oz., sulphur 2 dr., nitre \ dr., ginger 15 gr., in
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by the early medical drainage of the gall bladder and ducts, many
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the animal being in the best of health and spirits, but lame.
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rheumatic or gouty origin of not a few cases of appendici-
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its susceptibiUty to the Zymotic Diseases. Proc. Roy. Soc. Med. vi. (Epidemio-
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the typical char^ters pf a cerebral ^esipn ar^d followed the uspal
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regularly adopted list of text-books. Many of the districts
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deformity but at the same time restrains all motion.
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ferred to for a detailed account of the author's views.
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Dr. R. N. Horton, Brockville, Ont... | ^^dxmfery, Operative and otUr than Operative,
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We must always be mindful of the fact that although in simple tics,
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■what is called the perineal body does not contribute to
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reserving ourselves to describe only the non-bacterial fungi.
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ateness of care, and quality assurance. It shall advise
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intensity. Various sources of intraabdominal h;emor-
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or difficult of digestion ; salt meat that has been too long kept,
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ear, then it is that one's skill in diagnosis is often en-
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tion has its origin and is predominant in the cord. The symptoms, there-
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While, so far as I am aware, there are no recorded cases
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prevent inconvenient crowding in the attendance upon popular
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to give me full confidence that the principle which I have just
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the man, while the records of biography furnish ample proof that
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self to serve the United States for a stated period, imless
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event in the disease, although marked improvement occasionally does