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pubic lithotomy). Here is the account which he gives of

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number reported are evidently rare. Embolism of the extremi-

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fusions were foimd not to affect the epinephrine response.

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Anaiytic or Cathartic Method. — Based upon the theories of Breur and

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Inhalations of solutions of nitrate of silver tried with-

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The gall-bladder may or may not be enlarged and palpable. Thus, of

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us in understanding the complexity of the elements found in

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distributed over a much larger surface of the stomach.

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and gastro-intestinal symptoms. Other cases present predominantly

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the prejudice of the military hierarchy, which for-

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maintain a uniform temperature of 75 to 80 degrees. Keep the

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spreads, teaches that we should exercise the greatest caution

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were passed through this tunnel, drawn respectively to

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diately before the anaesthetic is administered should never

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CholesUatomatcij or pearl tumors, are rare. They sometimes start

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scorides recommends it as an emetic, as an ingredient in collyria

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Table V. — Table showing in respect of Years 1890 to 1909 inclusive the Number of

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adult dosage; Tablets -200 mg. 4 times a day: Elixir- two teaspoonfuls. 4 times a day. Supplied. 200 mg yellow, partially enteric coated tablets in bottles of

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In examining the chest, attention must be paid, in connection with

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Now for the merits of the work. It is based on Morris' superb text-book

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ass that had suckled the child. It was ascertained that, a fort-

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lays, and of the stage of dessication G to 10 days, making the duration