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ually cooled down, and of course, his clothing. He got into his sleigh,
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Pulmonary Consumption, Bowel Affections, Worms, In-
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the pin is intended to be used as a guide and indicator
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pulseless, with great abdominal distension and pain. Diarrhoea alternated
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cated. When there is hyperacidity, salicylate of bismuth, car-
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of any one interested in rare forms of skin diseases.
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muscles contract : furthermore the movements are often rhythmical,
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•taperfluous for ns to speak about it. It has beea a
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Our colleges, which have done such excellent work, and never
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series of observations (more than sixteen thousand tests in eleven hundred cases)
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genized animal food, which being received into the stomach is con-
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and salts escape from the vessels. Farther on down the tubule the
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ing, whether favored or not by the medical profession,
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be local and topical upon the mucous membrane. But there is great
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THE CORNICK SANATORIUM— For Pulmonary Tuberculosis
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a tampon in the vagina to guard against bleeding. After two
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out of the operation, but found another abscess-cavity
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taneous endogenous Cushing’s. Accurate laboratory evalua-
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of animal life is analytic destruction or oxidation re-
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results so speedily follow, thai many operations are no1 only
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nerve, but seem to belong especially to irritation of the nerve termi-
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I ine, then bromine and lastly the phosphorus gradually
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respiratory tract, the other the oropharyngeal portion of the alimentary
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fats received as food being now insufiScient for the requirements of the body,
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very sharp line between "physicians" and "surgeons." But
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1850.] Production of Sugar in the Human System. 277
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one of the triumphs of modern surgery. It must not be