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and is almost entirely loaned out at the present time.

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During early August a veterinary surgeon while doing a post-

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Musk and Camphor in injections. They also apply as indicated, cold

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old chronic ulcer may serve as the starting-point for

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When an arm has been broken it is put in a splint ; while

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nervous, pain in back, some vesical irritation, headaches and insom-

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good," when in reality it is positively, directly, and always injurious, for the follow-

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the best, and it was on his recommendation that I got it.

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been observed to be diminished. In some fatal cases,

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Ail of Citrate of Magnesia, or a tablespoonfUl of Epsom Salts. (The dis-

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of alarming symptoms of poisoning from an overdose of this

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of the brain and cord " like an army of small ants," and

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years ago railed about vending his nos-| involve the welfare of the community. Here

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in the wards of a hospital or in a dispensary (the " Poliklinik " of the

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interest or importance to recognize the affection. More-

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when a convulsion occurred. Within an hour and a half there were five or six;

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be due to exhaustion, to a nervous condition, to im-

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microorganism is. The writer has throughout assumed that Bacillus

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descriptions, the Attic elegance of his diction, the unexpected

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work, and covered the thorns of the hedge -with putridity, but often

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in the condition to require them ; and hence, arguing

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the last four years. The great body of the medical officers have made the reports

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filled with urine to the zero mark, and 1 c.c. (or less, if the urine is

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child, until the succeeding pains cause it to engage within, or to occupy