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During the last three or four visits I have noticed a
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that tlie man was not a person whom they knew; while
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till a deep lumbo-sacral curvature is formed in the upright posture.
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event in the disease, although marked improvement occasionally does
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explained how an isolation of the family was unnecessary in cases of
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coagulation of blood within the cavities. I3ut in all diseases which prove
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although the more widespread and frequently repeated use of the string
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If the two terminal plates be now touched with wet hands, a pro-
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drawn back and, to a great extent, adherent to the roof of the orbit,
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of about twenty-eight years of age ; her husband is a shoemaker, and she re-
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fasten themselves to its inner membrane. Numerous minute
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afdeeling van 28 Mei 1898 tot 22 April 1899. Amsterdam.
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The Mist. Ant. Tart, was tried in two cases, one an old woman, aged 70,
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given. Special complications require and receive appro-
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indicates an active power of protection. The increased volume of blood,
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at a dose, in any mild vehicle, augmenting or diminishing it ac-
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The defects in the highest control may be progressive, or they may be
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Tlie next annual meeting of the Society will beheld
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the galvano-cautery was finally determined upon. After the eschars had
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well scratched; the ooze from the resulting fissures usually desiccat-
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Before the distinct chill there is little or no fever in
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importance attaches to intractability of the symptoms and a history of