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the larynx, which communicated with the trachea. No
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Preliminary tests showed that the apparatus as described is fulty' suffi-
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pass a threaded needle underneath the part and close
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^ CL~ -g CD Q- Oo^; ^ -£ •> T> ~ ™ g C O CO
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to heart and will thoroughly cooperate with the health officer of his
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(6) Pyrosis means regurgitation of the acid contents of the stomach.
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tooth Avas drawn. In a short time a small tumour appeared Avhere
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the marg^ of which is furnished with a doable circle of hooks. The
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muscles suggested a nervous origin of the trouble. The inflammation progressed
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instances had a metallic taste. Several of the tins
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over one hour. Other cases were: Pirogoff amputation
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Dr. Tansley; Demonstration of Office Stethoscope, Dr. R. H. Derby;
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taneously with ergotin, which has proved useful in dangerous
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culture determine this point. It should always be borne in
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is the advocacy of 4s. or 5s. a year instead of 2s. 6d. and 3s.,
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of 1878, there were only 81 deaths from diarrhoea last July, August, and Sep-
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and deadly effects to which so many lives are sacrificed in tropical
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so that the highest state of quietude was once more
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the history of the case. A married woman, thirty- five years
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in plaster, but, if it is considered advisable, the method is to
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cases, with fifty per cent, recoveries; 16 were quite se-