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only two and a half years in " mitral " cases in general, one year and a half

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eter; a sheath is present, the tail is truncated. Type locality, Ama

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of Pittsburgh ; On the Ring of Bandl, by Dr. William T. Lusk,

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cial surgical cases, a sterilizing room and three wardrooms for

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bone of the thumb may be described as lodged upon this convexity in

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tion. It was, therefore, a fair specimen to use for testing the

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Jii, neats foot oil ^ii, essence of hemlock ┬ži, T. of cayenne fss,

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phyxia of the extremities result in mutilations of the fingers, con-

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trochlear branch of the nasal nerve" (Ellis, p. 47). Again,

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other symptoms. Whatever pain he suffered he referred it to

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clinical experience to develop practice parameters that are

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outdated robaxin

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In describing the operation. Dr. Duncan supposes the case to be one of lacera-

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sumptives in New York. The Massachusetts institution is

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where the powers of the circulatory organs are much diminished,

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number of lesions. However, the x-ray findings were

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weed. In the neighborhood of Hugo, Colo., loco poisoning may be

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city. Especially has this been done for men patients, where

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in the urine, but in association with uric acid and

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Bombay, without communication having been held with any

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of breath, wheezing in the chest, worse on exertion, moderate cough and expec-

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surrounding them, but are afterward set free by the lique-

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(Seeligmuller, Sachse, L. Weigert, C. Kdster, Edlefsen.)

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with or without hemorrhagic expectoration. With these symptoms

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liniments, friction, and the application of a flannel

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in which antitetanolysin was found to prevent laking of corpuscles by

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posed to well-attested evidence. He drew attention to

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Mr. Casserly, the Secretary of the Commissioners of

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The plague of India, and the present pestilence of Europe, the c/io-

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