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disturbance. Calcium excretion is decreased by thiazides.

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Essential Factors. Irregular tendency to polycythemia and high

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Hospital and the Louisville City Hospital, etc., Louisville, Km to, k)

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having a living child, a prompt use of the forceps would be

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after the local symptoms have in a great measure subsided, and to these the

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wave is broken up into two more or less pointed summits of about equal

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at the same time, with acute bilateral pneumonia present, which treatment is^

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dressed with antiseptic compresses and spica bandage.

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epistaxis, no change has ever been noticed, so far as I am aware. In

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disease — pneumonia, to wit. Epidemiologically, they were symptomatic

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the proportion of six parts charcoal to two of lime, and

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lish language, Dunglison's work baa been well koown

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and oesophagus, but is indicated and should be util-

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contained in the upturned vegetable mould, where it has been

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it withdraws a considerable quantity of the uraemio poison. In the absence

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removed. No part of the body was exempt from this rash, the

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case fresh cultivations of agar were made, and after being

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emphysema must be accompanied with diminution of pul-

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fully in the decisions that are made, decisions that may come

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precluded their use ; therefore, carbon was selected, and

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sential to the continuance of life, or from being so

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eclamptic convulsions at term in primiparas. The exci-