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a rate about twice as great, and the expense of clean-
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only of the electric diffusion of the drugs, but the phy-
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attention. As vomiting in most cases is quite persistent dur-
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eyes dazzled by its kaleidoscopic metaphor, it is a warning to
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communicable to man. (See the Sections on Small-pox and
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sources of information, and by the vivid earnestness of his style persuaded
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markable cases. These interesting subjects do not belong to this dis-
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pointed or grooved needle, and, after squeezing out the contents,
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places ; the patches of hypertrophied skin come to resemble that of the
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ferred to for a detailed account of the author's views.
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" The stethoscope, in this case, placed in the iliac region,
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toneum and that immediately behind the pubic bone, al-
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national institution and in modern phrase quite put
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sublim6 dans les malailies de la choroide i t do la retine.
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off, and the solution boiled on the water-bath to drive off any excess ammonia,
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rhomsonian remedies. '1 his Infirm; ry, es ablished un-
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which exclude the supposition of "peripheral " paralysis of a nerve-trunk.
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were colored. The following is a synopsis of the diseases encountered :
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\vhich thofe parts of tlie fyftcm on which the anin al funtlions depend
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crease of 465 as compared with the previous year. This
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of the hand and involves early the bulbar nuclei, i. e., produces the
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of the nervous system, added by experiment and observation, will show the fal-
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come, and it is this spirit which we find in training camps. We not only
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self in bed. He had frequent singultus; and when he was