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to the removal of the cause of the neuralgia. 2d. By the direct

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or instrumental pressure may be employed. The former has proved the

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Tsinanfu is the capital of Shantung province and is said to have

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in connection with our remarks last week, on the steps which the Govern-

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and Improvements in the Medical and Surgical Sciences. Edited by

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but in three mouths he returned with another attack of

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but the existence of the single faculty, " memory," which, while

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flat sponges introduced to retain it. The omental mass which was

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to be more reliable than other workers in this field. Schittenhelm and

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clinician, at all events, this would seem to be, in the

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unnaturally dry and also probably more easily invaded

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sutures were all widely patulous ; the fissure commencing at the root of the

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active or inflammatory congestion, it has been feared that direct

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C. O. Bechtol, of Chicago. The addition of the adhesive strips I

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in the quantity of protein he was able to utilize. It is therefore

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irregular in type, tenacious sputum, much dyspnea, physical signs of

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with a violent rigor, only comparable to that of an intermittent, or of

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XXXI. Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine. Edited by Dr. H. V"on

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pal aim of the consultation was a technical procedure

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of the illness. Cutaneous sensibility and the superficial reflexes are pre-

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must be productive of a proportionately effective and

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To revert to the patient. In a case of retention the most

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a very limited tissue hyperplasia by artificial means (such as epithelial

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