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spite of the coastal communication -wdth the interior, to the coast
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barrelled chest, which, when exposed to our view, exhibited a
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perceived in the lower part of the belly, which extends gradually,
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ture that many crude bacterial poisons withstand the boiling tem-
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concludes with what may be regarded as an axiom. He
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miij^ture, but it is quite likely that a quart will yield at least 750
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passed away and, with the exce])tion of the slight deformity
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spinal fluid, should be carefully correlated with the previous history
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antedate those of sarcoma by at least twenty years ; and on counting
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allay the pain : and the opiate may either be administered in the
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yard, and passages, with a fair degree of accuracy, and it did not seem
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vessels are found healthy and empty in the midst of the gangrened parts, just
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— At the last meeting of the N. Y. Academy of Medicine, Dr.
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accident which occasions no great uneasiness at the
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inal and cremasteric more easily abolished than the ten-
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connective tissue, and ganglion cells appear in precisely the
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normal time, or not greatly beyond the normal time, though in our
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has become an important feature of the Institution, and is
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knee-joint and found it almost healthy. A very small
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urine becomes turbid and contains blood and transitional epithelium, but
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de la Grange, Armand Dumanin and Pierre du Roy. Of the
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iodine or acetic acid 1-4, or, better still, of gauze saturated with spirits
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sions ( 1 ) The purely mechanical methods of disinfection
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line as an application to the rigid os. In one case
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12. IIow is the sound caused in an open flute organ pipe ? What seriea
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generally precedes it, and which, during the continuance of the epidemic,