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is set up by a wrench, or by over-exertion ; that it may, in fact, be taken

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exploration. Too much emphasis cannot be laid on the possibility of

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pink and transparent, and may show the spectroscopic bands of oxyhemo-

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Food of the Insane," Jour. Med. Sc. 1898, xliv. p. 62. — 9. Halloverden. "Ueber

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was held well up, and the remaining ascitic fluid very slowly drained

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cal and thorough for the development of medical teachings.

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ach could be reached. There existed also the remains

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mentioned. Doubtless the problem of cure is more or less analogous

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programs of this Association for a long time. It is

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however, are slight and might easily be accounted .''or,

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ing been cut, the carotid sheath, with its contained

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exposures of a campaign,^ In the French army the doctrine of the non-

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91. xix, 480-490. Also: Rendic. d. Cong, d. Ass. oftnl iial.

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a case of chorea under Dr. Brown-S^quard is recorded, in which

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cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to the

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ounce to be taken daily. Murchison combines the hydrochloric and the

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— " I have not remarked it as being peculiar to the children of

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ogy was built This has largely been abandoned by modem ob-

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nor have we been praying for an epidemic. The foregoing, therefore,

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necessarily implies the interpretation Starr has given to

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" the contrary," which is, in fact, this amendment.

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