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Natural History of Vegetation : of use to those who are curious in the

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passeth all understanding be with his bereaved helpmate and com-

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one of its many departments is now in working trim,

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the digestive canal, the solid organs, or the blood. When

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of ten years before, when he had had the honor of giving his

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disseminated through it. The chief agents by which the infec-

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flammatory mass about the lateral or posterior aspects

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nature of the attack is liable to be overlooked. I have rec*t»ntly xH'n a in^* • ■

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arouse feelings of discontent at the "petty done, the undone

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bismus are often exceedingly unsatisfuctoiy, and the

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just to the left of the longitudinal sinus. The oper-

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these cases that the deep reflex of the lower jaw is obtained, a condition

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number of students attempt to comply with them, and of

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pain soon becomes more or less intense ; frequently it is excruciating,

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autopsies reported by Winckel, in 1 it is said that hyperaemia was the

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a wrist or hand and of a difficult one like the gastro-intestinal

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The history, said he, seems to be this : tliat they are

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are relieved by its influence on the circulation of the part. The

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forme d'atropbie partielle (tropbou6vrose de Eomberg).

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It is difficult to decide whether embolism or thrombosis was

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can associate all the murmurs and in that way locate the

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engorgement of this part of the limb, and rendering the detec-

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get proportionately enlarged. It will further be seen that, while these

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insanity have led me to try various experiments for the purpose of obtaining

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versy, appears to be, in brief, as follows. Dr. Craigie, of Scotland,