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a few of the standard works on surgery and pathology

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and acts as an astringent along the whole genito-uri-

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for distribution among unfortunate brother-practitioners.

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Extension failed in these cases to make the limb of normal

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pains, and may ultimately be the cause of acute obstruction of the intestine

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Pott's Disease, Its Pathology and Mechanical Treatment. By Newton M.

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radiographs made in extremely short time with a transformer

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and nine weeks, respectively. Two were admitted because of con-

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worse by serum were three, and among these there is only one new case in which

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himself called upon to exculpate himself by laying before the

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secondary alterations. A man, sdt. 24, died twelve hours after the

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ovotomy, it still remains, and must lemain until facts

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Reflexes. — Knee-jerk present. No A.C. Superficial re-

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Cynanche trachealls, calomel, blisters, and warm bath

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tions of the small intestines we find an excessive amount of indican in

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flowing foot-baths, for instance, blood taken from the

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hela, Pa., June 24, aged 40 years. — Dr. D. C. Strong, Chetek,

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nade in nearly all cases far exceeds any moral influence

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hemispheres. ISTor is rigidity of the limbs noted as having been commonly

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inscription as touching as it was appreciative. A medallion was

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ing the types of tumors that may be so removed. The therapeutic

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specific microbe. The latter view is approved by Professor Marvaud