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shaking an excess of the crystals for one hour, as seen from Table X, is such as
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turbances in the nutritive functions of the skin mani-
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again on December 5th, and were continued up to December
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MISSOURI MEDICINE/December 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 12 797
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There is not only the bony frame which bounds the top of
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measure, it should be changed frequently. The wet pack
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at least, well fumigated with sulphurous acid gas, which
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nogis of irregular gout is to be made with caution. It is justifial^le to apply a
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they will occasionally leave pits behind them. Chicken-Pox has, no
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upon the embryonic lung. The left fourth arch, on the other hand,
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show that there is a very large class of cases where the relative potency of
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tion to its dustiness. Lead is usually taken into the system from the
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yet reached such a status as to enal)le it to afford guidance, to therapeutics,
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The development of cholera is generally first denoted by characters relat-
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abdominal cavity in mire would CaUSC diarrhea lasting for several days,
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there is joined an enlargement of the visible lymph-
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distance of the epidermis, and there is no sharp differentiation between
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the anterior ethmoidal cells. On examination of septum, I
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interrupted by therapeutic agents. Thus the cellulai
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sufficient nitrite to yield the indol reaction does not influence the
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Immediate steps were once more taken, as shown in the following
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from the shock will be sufficient to abolish sensation to
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matory mucous membrane the reticulum which has returned
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War against Adulterations. — A monthly bulletin, issued