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moniacal smell. It turns reddened litmus paper blue, but as the
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three cases of abscess of the liver, one after dysentery,
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attends a treatment of which alcoholic stimulants con-
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nerve, but seem to belong especially to irritation of the nerve termi-
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4r. Position of the Pylorus. — ^The position of this portion of the
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means as tend to abate the vital power, the opinion of the profes-
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same condition. In one the tumor was cancerous, and
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of the mucosa, the detachment of sloughs, and the accumulation of the
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for him to have carefully elaborated some of his views in the closet,
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not has no bearing on the treatment. Take a case of cancer. We admit it to
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the Porto Rican campaign ; the wounded of the Porto Ri<;an
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considerable degree of immunity from yellow fever, and that negroes are
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looks prompted the use of santonin and a number of worms re-
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gout was added to the more ancient name ofpodagria, — which
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perature of the atmosphere; but how is it to be explained that
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in both hemispheres. The Prince of Wales dehvered the
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efficiency of "pyocyanase" against the cholera vibrio; and finally Besredka
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Baginsky, Biedert) in support of the view. He suggests that even
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of one-tenth normal soda solution, acts much in the same way as
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Africa from Uganda and Somaliland in the east, and Congo
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have a microscopic section made imme- and have an unex^plained tendency to in-
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The difficulty in localizing a bleeding site in the small bowel with sufficient accuracy to define a therapeutic target