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operation, and had reported a large number of cases.
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is nothing pertaining to the epidemic which is not occasionally seen in the
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different. 2. That even when they prevailed together in the same town,
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" occupation neuroses," such as painter's colic or mercurial tremor, which
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John Roche O'Bryen, M.D. Glasgow, 17, Thistle-grove,
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West says: "It is admitted on all hands that in itself
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well with the tube plugged, but when its permanent withdrawal
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paper, and believed it to be the best yet devised for the purpose.
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a concentration toward the acid side, as low as 7.0
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Before the annual meeting in July, this year, I addressed
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E. B. TREAT ®. CO., Medical Publishers. 241-3 W. 23d Street, New York.
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jacent uorinal tissues is produced. For this reason the surrounding
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and desquamation in the puerperal state. When no con-
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contains a trace of albumin and a few isolated white blood corpuscles. Phenol-
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fact that the .State thus took the instruction into its
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len, the infiltration extending on the inner side of the arm
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When writing advertisers please mention the Journal.
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is, bareback — would also be well calculated to cause or
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sublimate, resulting in a hardening of the tissues,
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necessities, withdrawn from or been deprived of scien-
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mia and intermittent fever ; and besides this, there has been no mi-
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pyloric end will be completely emptied of its contents. The author
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habit becomes fixed. The sufTerer makes an effort to over-
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rather with a view of including the principal conflict-