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418-421. — Xjauensteiu (C.) Beitrag zur Lehre von
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can best be explained on the assumption that they contain a divalent carbon.
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bedside chest roentgenogram showed fractures of the
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fold over the flattened inner surface, at the same time
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"When we recall," says Raynaud, "a picture such as I have tried
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\ ually the " milk cure," as it is sometimes called, milk should not only con-
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direction given the affected limb. Distinction must be made between
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portance. The use of alcohol predisposes to tuberculosis.
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moderate quantity of blood be withdrawn from a vein, and allowed to
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coffee or general articles of food, and, in 1881, 56 per cent, of
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floid. When the nails are involved, the surfftce should be removed
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transferred to Philadelphia. During the last week of his treatment the
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a tampon in the vagina to guard against bleeding. After two
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curred, particularly at the knee. I determined to put
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''11. The chief indication is to place as far as possible the patients in free
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my mind by this case : viz., 1. To ascertain the exact re-
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chanical treatmentof club-foot. Tr.TexasM. Ass., Galves-
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whereas the movements of stale spermatozoa fall off, after a few days,
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posteriorly, alongside the scapula, a small area of dulness, with indefinite
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of health. The teacher should so use it as to get a
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of anaesthesia which are here collected. They are more in
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There is, however, a neurotic or hysterical substratum
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epigastrium, perhaps a little to the right of the median line, toward the
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9th. That local applications are unnecessary, and often injurious.