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over some of the forms of hysteria and neurasthenia, and
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t lir lAIinl ..I w lih li ilii ir.i-r- il.iiK . i n \ i Jv i lli; I nil her i.i\ >|M1hm .iikI ^^•M■^■^■..
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in lieu of provisions, servants, etc. ; but a Rear- Admiral
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Every disease which is culminated by taking a cold is refer-
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Pathological Anatomy. — There is sometimes hypertrophic
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This is a large volume of over one hundred and fifty
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tent preventable and curable by quinine and hygiene.
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In 1918 in France under terrible conditions, and in the United
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holding the meeting; time, September 10, 11, and 12,
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has noticed that "coincidently with the recovery of
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whether in any given case of jaundice the common bile-duct is still partially patent;,
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Mr. Shattock has previously reported a series of four cases of cancer,
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mation with adjacent peritonitis which subsided in the
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sels were bent and twisted as the current forced its backward way
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more when voluntary and spasmodic efforts are brought to bear upon it.
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appeared. In a few cases the first symptoms to attract attention were painful
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I hiive reciillod the attention of the professiDn to
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or even of twenty-five, an enlarging thyroid gland is full of danger ;
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BiOQgh the skin and muscles down to the peritoneum without opening
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separated from each other. Instruments have been constructed with
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Six hundred and ninety-seven deaths are recorded as having resulted, vaguely,
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water is sometimes so violent in hysterical patients, as